A New Electrostat Enters The Field Courtesy of Kaldas Research – CanJam SoCal 2019

Kaldas Research is a private research and development company based in Mumbai, India. It was founded by Amukar Chandan, who himself is an avid headphone enthusiast. Using the talent, resources, and passion of the R&D company, Amukar was able to realize his life-long dream of designing and building a headphone system.

The RR1 Conquest from Kaldas Research is an electrostatic design that utilizes both and oval shape for the ear-cups and drivers (70mmx80mm), and designed to work with Stax bias voltage amplifiers (580V). Manufacturing is done entirely by Kaldas Research, with zero outsourcing for components and parts. Included with each RR1 headphone is the unit “Measurement Certificate” which gives the end user full access to G.R.A.S. and Audio Precision Instruments testing numbers. Pricing on the RR1 Conquest starts at $500 USD for the standard model, $650 for the premium, and POR for Bespoke designs respectively.

Bass response of this headphone was immense and deep, while everything above that was lively and exciting. Details were delivered quickly and overall the body and fit of these cans were super comfy. During my interview with Mr. Chandan it became quite apparent that he is really into headphones and what makes them tick. After listening to the new RR1 Conquest’s, I realized Mr. Chandan’s passion comes with talent. These new cans from Kaldas Research might be one of the most thrilling pairs I heard during the CanJam weekend.

Electrostatic Headphone
Kaldas Research Headphone