Focal Unveils New Aria K2 936 Floorstander

Focal Aria K2 936 Floorstanding Speaker

Focal is making its presence known this holiday season. On top of releasing several package deals along with Naim, the France-based company just announced a revamped K2 version of the flagship in the Aria 936 line.

The three way design of the speaker is now adorned with the signature yellow K2 driver with multi bass ports (two front plus one down-firing) and three 6.5″ sandwich cones in the low-end position. From the PR Release:

In its trademark yellow, the K2 sandwich cone in aramid fiber was revealed by Focal for the first time in 1986. Made in France, it has continued to evolve over the years, enhancing the brand’s star products and always combining the three key success factors for a speaker driver: rigidity, lightness and damping. Now comprising an ultralight foam core sandwiched between a layer of aramid fibers and a layer of glass fibers, the K2 cone guarantees a pure and precise sound, with no coloration. By incorporating this cone in the Aria 936, the Focal engineers demonstrate their innovative spirit, offering ever more character while maintaining high performance, for a Premium Hi-Fi product.

Along with the K2 tech, a new exclusive finish is offered for the floor stander.

With its sleek look, Aria K2 936 combines timelessness with modernity. It blends seamlessly into any style of interior. The choice of Ash Grey finish, a Premium finish exclusive to Focal, combined with a leather effect front panel, highlights the loudspeaker’s style and elegance. Recognized as a ‘Living Heritage Company’ (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) by the French state, Focal once again showcases its industrial expertise and audio excellence: Aria K2 936 signals the return to high emotion shared by a French loudspeaker with a unique design.

Highs are controlled via a 1″ aluminum/magnesium TNF tweeter, with mids attributed to another K2 6.5″ midrange cone. The tower is constructed of MDF with “Non-parallel side panels” for vibration reduction and a leather effect front panel.

The Focal Aria K2 936 will release for $5,990/pair when it becomes available in Q1 2021.

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