Bundle Prices For Focal And Naim Drop In Time For The Holidays

Focal and Naim Deals

While many fans of high fidelity love the complexity and diversity of a well planned pre, power, source, cable, cable, cable setup, there is something to be said about the simplicity of a well planned all-in-one rig. Focal and Naim are putting up some of their best products in very tidy packages for the holiday season, with bundle pricing to add a little incentive to the deals.


Full press release below.

Five Easy Pieces: Focal and Naim Offer Premium Music Systems at Special Prices.
With a combined 88 years of handcrafted audio expertise, Focal and Naim understand how to create the very best music systems. Now they are making them even easier to enjoy, with specially matched and priced systems that pair Award-winning Focal loudspeakers with Naim Uniti music-streaming players. With five systems to choose from, it’s simple to find the perfect fit for your musical life. To get the music flowing even faster, the systems also come with high-quality speaker cable, plus free trials of both TIDAL and Qobuz streaming services. There’s even an extended warranty for extra peace of mind.
The five packages will be available to buy at special promotional pricing from selected Focal and Naim retailers from November 1 through December 31, 2020 inclusive, while stocks last. All system prices quoted below are suggested retail pricing.


The Award-winning Naim Uniti family of music-streaming players is the smart but simple way to enjoy music, radio and better TV sound in any or every room. Class-leading performance combines with excellent build quality and usability, wrapped in a beautiful British design.

All Uniti players expertly handle all the top music streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Qobuz…) plus offer easy Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast built-in and Bluetooth playback. In addition, Uniti Star offers exceptional CD playback, and the ability to ‘rip’ discs to your own archive. Uniti players can also seamlessly play with other music systems around your home, and connect to your TV via HDMI.

Master the Uniti range and explore a world of music via the Naim App; there is also voice-control support for Google Assistant and Apple Siri, and a smart remote-control handset.


Each of the expertly Made in France speakers in these systems is designed to both sonically and aesthetically match the Uniti players, with a range of prices and styles to suit every size of room and budget. Everyone is an Award winner. The Chora range brings Focal technology to music lovers who crave a quality sound wrapped in a modern design. With signature Focal TNF tweeters and all-new Slatefiber drivers, Chora is a clear class-leader at its price point.

The Aria 926 is a classic 3-way loudspeaker. Musical and expressive, it suits every mood from low-level listening to full-on party. Here the signature Focal TNF tweeter is paired with Flax drivers, characterized by their natural sound.

Kanta speakers deliver exceptional performance. The range uses a unique combination of a new-generation Focal IAL Beryllium tweeter and Flax speaker drivers. The result is a precise, detailed and involving sound, plus the flexibility to suit both smaller rooms and larger spaces. Kanta N°1 makes a sophisticated companion for the Uniti Star, while the floorstanding Kanta N°2 offers the ultimate experience paired with the Uniti Nova.


Naim NAC A5 speaker cable (a pair of high-quality speaker cables in four-meter lengths) giving you flexibility of where to position your player and speakers
Extended 5-Year Warranty
90-day free trial, TIDAL music-streaming service (new users only)
30-day free trial, Qobuz music-streaming service (new users only)
For more information on each brand visit: http://www.focal.com/en, http://www.naimaudio.com.

Focal Naim America: www.focalnaimamerica.com

The Compact Music Streaming System 

Naim Uniti Atom ($3290) + Focal Chora 806* ($990) + $500 cables

+ 4m pair NAC A5 speaker cables + extended five-year warranty 

$3,290 ($1490 savings)

The Music Streaming System with a Big Sound 

Naim Uniti Atom ($3290) + Focal Chora 826 ($2190) + $500 cables

+ 4m pair NAC A5 speaker cables + extended five-year warranty 

$4,290 ($1690 savings)

The Powerful CD Player & Music Streaming System 

Naim Uniti Star ($4990) + Focal Aria 926* ($4390) + $500 cables

+ 4m pair NAC A5 speaker cables + extended five-year warranty 

$6,990 ($2890 savings)

*Black finish only

The Sophisticated CD & Music Streaming System 

Nai Uniti Star ($4990) + Focal Kanta N°1* ($6590) + $500 cables

+ 4m pair NAC A5 speaker cables + extended five-year warranty 

$8,990 ($3090 savings)


Naim Uniti Nova ($5990) + Focal Kanta N°2 ($9990) + $500 cables

+ 4m pair NAC A5 speaker cables + extended five-year warranty 

$11,990 ($4490 savings)