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Everything Makes A Difference: Music Server Edition

Music Server: Everything Makes A Difference

Music Server. As the title implies, this week’s episode of The Occasional Podcast involves two separate talking points. First, that everything has the potential to make a difference in your audio rig – how much or how little is the unknown. Second, that music servers need to be included in the conversation. As part of the digital chain, media servers have long been either misunderstood as part of a DAC, or overlooked as merely a more diverse substitute for any computer.

To help TOP unravel the subject of the music server, the show is joined by Nuno Vitorino of Innuos this week. His knowledge runs deep on the subject and he willingly gives up a whole host of secrets, tips, tricks and development ideas to help clear up some of the air about the true source for digital music in a high fidelity playback system.

The Occasional Podcast is now mid way into Season 5, with new interviews, how to’s and more from audio’s greatest talents, from Nelson Pass to Mike Moffat. The latest includes a conversation about Two-Ways and Integrateds, and the how to: Budgeting From Entry Level To High End. Last season’s highlights include Joseph AudioPro-Ject Turntables, and Rob Watts. One can still download this season’s educational show with TOP’s Beginners Primer To High Fidelity Digital Audio alongside our latest on Two-Way Speaker Design. Fan favorite What Is Mastering? What Happens When An Album Is Remastered? is also still available for download from this season. If you are interested in further exploring the analog realm, the Guide To Buying A Turntable (and records) might point you in the right direction. 

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