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An Interview With Jeff Joseph Of Joseph Audio

Joseph Audio and Jeff Joseph. Abbey Road Reissued review from the Beatles.

Jeff Joseph has been producing top tier audio for consumers for quite a few years now. One of his biggest sellers, the mini monitor Pulsar, impressed in many setups at audio shows over the years. Now in a new Graphene form along with the corresponding floorstander Perspective2, Joseph Audio is on a path to continue the legacy he has created starting way back to his early beginnings as a partner with the Infinite Slope speaker from JS Engineering.

This interview from PartTimeAudiophile’s The Occasional Podcast covers off on all the historical talking points about the east coast hifi company. As a bonus, there is some additional commentary about the new reissue release from The Beatles – Abbey Road Anniversary Super Deluxe Remix. You can stream the episode direct from the page, or subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform: iTunesAndroidGoogleSpotify

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