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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Two-Way Speaker Design

Two Way Speaker Design

Two way? Three way? When it comes to speakers that take up less space than your average floorstander, some debate does arise as to which is the best path for the most acoustic gains. Especially in the speaker design for the bookshelf size, where so much effort is made to maximize bass response and to minimize mid tone inaccuracies, an argument for adding a third driver to the mix is often the source for much debate for audiophiles.

In this episode of The Occasional Podcast, host Brian Hunter is joined by Mats Andersen of QLN Audio. Not only has Mats been designing both 3-way and 2-way speakers for over a decade, but he has some very interesting input as to how to build a very good speaker within tight constraints on real estate. We were were mighty impressed with his Signature 3 standmount, a speaker that appeared to exhibit very big sound and room presence in our review, and on the several occasions we heard from the rest of the line at audio shows. Mats even went so far as to utilize much the same two way design for his floorstander Prestige 3, an interesting move considering all the extra cabinet space available to work with.

Mr. Andersen shares an interesting overview plus some detail work into the subject of two way speaker design that few possess. Its plenty of information to chew on, feel free to let us know if you have a preference for either design (along with an inspiring speaker model) in the comments section below.

Also appearing in the podcast is a top 5 list for the best audio products for 2020 so far. Its been an unusual year to say the least, but a few new items have risen to the top. Resistor Mag’s Rafe Arnott drops his favorite picks for the year, you can check out his new hifi & lifestyle site for even more hifi coverage and reviews.

More info: Resistor Mag

The Occasional Podcast is now working its way though season 4, with interviews from Nelson PassJoseph AudioZMF Headphones, and Rob Watts providing interesting highlights from season 3 and a peek behind the backdrop of high end audio and audio playback in general. One can still download this season’s educational show with TOP’s Beginners Primer To High Fidelity Digital Audio.

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