Dan’s New Little Toy, The D’Agostino Progression Integrated

Dan D'Agostino Progression Integrated Amplifier

Big watt amp-maker Dan D’Agostino is still dropping new products like greased beer bottle at last call. The latest creation expands on the integrated arena, allowing for a respectable 200W into 8 ohms. The new “big boy toy” helps round out the company’s Progression line which currently offers a mono, stereo and pre amp.

The Progression Integrated uses a bluetooth connected remote control to remove the need for line-of-sight and greatly extend reach to the unit. Like some others in the high-end integrated front, the new amplifier is modular in nature and allows for a separate moving coil phono preamp and digital connectivity. Both sections can be added in the field, or implemented at time of purchase. The digital section take advantage of all the new benchmarks including Roon, Tidal, Qobuz and MQA. The fully differential DAC of course handles high resolution files and DSD up to 4x. Inputs will include two coaxial, two optical, USB and RJ-45 types.

Balanced preamp outputs can serve as sub outs and a passthrough home theater option is balanced as well. Internal bits include toroidal winding tech passed down from the Momentum M400 amplifier for “greater power output from a similarly sized conventional transformer keeping the Progression Integrated surprisingly small for its capability”.

President Bill McKiegan recognizes a space to fill below some of the high end flagship audio jewelry that the D’Agostino brand is known for, saying: “The Progression Integrated adds another level of performance, feature set, and pricing to our product lineup. It provides our customers an opportunity to experience a fully featured offering within the D’Agostino product line at a more attainable price point

For most, the term more attainable here should be thought of in terms of the rest of the high end field, and not the average citizen’s wallet size. The new Progression Integrated starts at $18k for the fully analog base model, add $2k for the phono pre and another $5k for the digital module. Black and silver finishes are available and expect shipping to start in August of this year. More information is available on the company site.