A Song Of Fire and Metal – Totem Elements Speakers Move to V2

Totem Acoustic Element Series Metal Loudspeaker

With the summer audio show circuit landing squarely around us, it is the season for product launching of all stripes. Fresh out of the email box and just in time for the season spending comes an update from Totem Acoustic to their Element Series Metal and Fire speakers.

Pushing the price tag into the mid 15s will keep these loudspeakers out of reach for many, but the recent announcement in time for the Munich show in Germany focuses on improvements from the previous versions of Elements. The floor stander Metal V2 ($15k) messaging starts with changes in the 7″ Torrent bass driver, and claims of “a full 5Hz improvement in bottom end frequency response” along with an updated crossover network.

Totem Acoustics Element Series Fire Speaker

The bookshelf size Fire V2 hits the market at $7k with the same 7″ woofer system in a smaller 2-way design. The PR release outlines more updates to the series:

– The driver facade is now a black anodized finish as opposed to the previous silver anodized aluminum. As well, the “Skid Plate” located at the bottom rear of the Element Metal V2 is now a black anodized finish.
– Externally visible changes to the 7″ Torrent woofer include a slightly larger dust cap with additional damping. The driver now has much better mid-range control and bass extension, going down an additional 5Hz, allowing the Element Metal V2 to have a virtually perfect frequency response from 25Hz to over 22KHz.
– Internally, the 7″ Torrent driver magnet system has been increased from 16 to 17 individual magnets, resulting in slightly larger concavity of the magnet cradle; this allows for greater control of the voice coil.
– The 7″ Torrent driver is now a little shorter and more compact, with the result being a smoother midrange frequency and deeper bass response.”

Totem acoustic is currently taking orders for the new V2 Element Series, you can find more information on their product lines on their web site.