D’Agostino Announces A New Progressive Integrated

Dan D'Agostino The Progressive Integrated Amplifier

Before all the rigorous hand washing protocols in the US were issued, an interesting bit of audiophile news nearly got swept under the rug in all the furious news items swinging back and forth over the internet. We’ve always been impressed by Krell Founder Dan D’Agostino’s namesake brand, so it seemed appropriate to get something out while everyone has a little more time on their hands at home. Yes friends, D’Agostino has a new Integrated amplifier coming to the Progressive Line. And like most of the D’Agostino catalog, its big, beefy and shiny as a engagement ring…also costs about as much as well.

Coming fresh out of Cave Creek AZ, shipping has started for the Progressive Integrated Amplifier from D’Agostino. It is the latest addition to the lineup and includes a modular approach to add-ons. An optional phono stage or digital section can be added to the mix for less boxes and more functionality. Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer and Spotify stream all jive appropriately with the digital end (including MQA and Roon) and a Moving Coil phono stage can be added upon purchase or at a later date.

D'Agostino Progressive Integrated

The remote is unusually bluetooth, which is nice for both range and line of sight. But the real specs you are probably looking for are 200W into 8 ohms (400W into 4). The standout casework is an interesting take on the aesthetics from other amplifiers, but still has unique flare all its own. Especially worth of note are the glorious heat sinks that adorn the sides, taking a queue from the flagship Relentless Mono Amplifier that recent made waves last year.

Of course, none of this comes cheap. However, The Progression Integrated is the least expensive option from brand at a base cost of $18k. Adding a phono stage to the rig brings the price to $20k. If you go with the internal digital module its $23k, one with both add-ons comes in at $25k.

More information: Dan D’Agostino