1More’s Dual Driver ANC – RMAF 2017

The makers of one of the best $99 IEMs currently on the market aren’t taking a break from the scene anytime soon. 1More has quickly released a flurry of sequential earphones that lock in to the budget target with precision. What is next up on the menu you ask? Active Noise Cancellation.

The latest earphone taps into the research and development of the lighting connection used in the Apple-friendly Triple, but drops a BA driver for active cancellation of outside noise (dual driver = 1 balanced armature and 1 dynamic driver). The team has clearing been paying attention to ANC grips from an audiophile perspective, as PR Director Ari Morguelan doesn’t beat around the bush regarding its effect on sound quality as well as addressing fatigue issues. As with the Triple Lighting, the external DAC inside the control box is capable of lossless audio decryption and pulls the processing out from the noisy environment of an iPhone’s internals. You can gander at a few more feature sets and specs for the piece here on the company site, but for all the good gossip check out Ari live from RMAF in the embed below.

The Dual Driver ANC is now available and on sale for $149 USD (regularly $179).