AXPONA – Prep Day

Today was a success for many things AXPONA. But for coverage photographs it was not. I only managed to take the obligatory shot of a visitor-manditory trip to Portellos and this clumsy image of the inside of a piano by nights end.

Everything else for the event seemed to be revving up in fine working order. The Ear Gear Expo was decked out with the latest goods from Sennheiser, including some setup for Saturday’s [silent disco] event. Woo audio could be found beefing up their product display in the lower level and the usual Thursday meet and greet was well attended.  A quick stop by the Zu and Peachtree room held a few new surprises that we will cover in more detail in later posts. Much more to come, stay tuned to the site and Audio Head social media for all the goods on the show. #AXPONA should be a good spot to check for those on Twitter as well.

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