Emotiva Announces New Floorstander, Bookshelf and Subs – SETAR 2022

Emotiva Air MOTIV T3+ floorstanding speaker

The Schiit Emotiva Texas Audio Roundup this weekend in Austin marked a mild shockwave of product releases, especially for those looking to dive deeper into the hifi hobby than a mere passing glance. Both Schiit and Emotiva are known for providing a solid stable of products for buyers looking to either get into high fidelity for the first time, or taking that first big dip into something more intricate than the entry-level starters.

For Emotiva at the SETAR show, this involved the addition of a new flagship floorstander called the Air MOTIV T3+. Coming to market “in a few months”, the tower includes the same ribbon tweeter tech that makes the T2/T1 so unique within the $1k range of budget speakers. The new T now includes two mid range drivers and one additional sub woofer to help out with the low end, for a total of 6 transducers. Projected retail cost is a pleasant surprise of $1,699 a pair, quite a bit of speaker for that price tag.

emotiva C3+ center channel

In a similar vein, but perhaps a bit more outlandish execution is the airmotiv C3+ center channel. With a total of 7 drivers and the real estate of a full-size floorstander on its side, the giant center is due out in early fall and will retail for $799. In case you had some other intent for this behemoth, the ribbon tweeter is now implemented in a perfectly square hole in the baffle, so its orientation can be rotated 90 degrees if need be.

Emotiva XS seres of subwoofers

Also due out in the next few weeks is a completely new series of subwoofers called the XS line. Featuring sizes of 8, 10, 12, and 15, the fresh crop of subs will run $399, $599, $899 and $1099 respectively when they launch.

emotiva airmotiv vaulta ATL=6.5 outdoor speaker

I was able to catch this new outdoor speaker called the airmotiv vaulta ATL-6.5 on active display in the outside walkway space between floors. It was exceptionally unique demonstration as: 1. it was outdoors for the most part 2. it was a wireless feed 3. the reference material was mostly well curated metal music all weekend long. It was a very nice reprieve from the rest of the show, not only for its open air vibes, but for its unusually fun sound in such an extreme execution. That is not to say that the rest of the show didn’t have a diverse set of playlists, but rather the sonic palate cleaning was refreshing on many fronts. The wireless streaming was made available outdoors by Emovita’s BTR-1 product ($79). The new airmotiv vaulta ATL-6.5 should be available late fall with pricing TBD.

Fans of Emotiva might also be interested in the upcoming growth of the passive bookshelf series with the inclusion of a new A2+ ($399/pair) model. Joining the popular B1+ ($249/pair), the A2+ includes some of the same folded ribbon tweeter tech as the B1+ with a larger woofer in a two-way design.

More info: Emotiva

We will have continuing coverage of the show posting all week (in addition to our coverage of Schiit Audio from earlier this weekend) so stay tuned to the site for all the updates.

emotiva airmotiv vaulta ATL=6.5 outdoor speaker outdoors