Audioengine Adds Wireless To The A5

The A5 active speaker system from Audioengine has always been one of the secret budget favorites of computer audio. Easy to pick up and implement on any desktop, the 5″ version is the biggest of the non-“HD line” and usually produces the biggest sound. The front address volume knob and Apple-inspired simple good looks make for an unusually pro look for less-than-pro costs.

The A5+ Wireless is finally catching up with the higher end options from Audioengine with the addition of Bluetooth connectivity and an upgraded AKM AK4396 DAC chipset. The Bluetooth spec flexes an aptX-HD option and while this still may not be available for iDevices, lets not forget you can still utilize the stream from any updated Apple computer. Still, if you want to get a party started with your friends on a moments notice, you can still slide by with the iPhone-friendly AAC protocol for visitors and fly-by-night guest DJs.

From the Q&A section on the company site:

“What’s the difference between the A5+ Wireless and the A5+ Classic?

The A5+ Wireless uses the same amplifier design and woofers that the A5+ Classic does, so both the A5+ Wireless and the A5+ Classic should sound virtually the same. The biggest difference between the two is the added Bluetooth receiver built into the A5+ Wireless; we’ve added a 24-bit DAC built inside that connects any bluetooth capable device (whether be your phone, tablet, or computer) to the speakers so you can stream high-quality music directly without having to use audio cables. Cosmetically, we’ve centered the tweeter as well as tightened the edges for an overall sharper look.”

Of course if you are looking to optimize your source to the best quality sound possible you can still opt for the good ‘ol wired connection in the back. The new A5+ Wireless still comes with a stereo minijack and single ended RCAs to round out the set, but no optical at this price point. The updated product starts at $499 for the black and white finishes, with “solid natural bamboo” available for a $70 add on.

On sale now direct from the company site, full press release after the jump.

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