Audeze Announce Their First Planar Magnetic Speaker

Audeze filter speaker

Audeze FILTER speaker. OC-based headphone maker Audeze announced this week that they would be taking a step into the speaker realm with the technology that has made them so famous in the personal audio space, planar magnetic drivers.

Getting a start on Indiegogo, the FILTER speakerphone is aimed squarely at the work-from-home office – including a conference speaker utilizing a planar magnetic driver and a series of noise cancelling microphones. Connectivity incudes both bluetooth and USB for phone/computer options and a clever use of noise cancellation that senses what type of background sound is causing the interference, and then serves up the appropriate countermeasures. Anyone who frequents air travel with an ANC headphone is aware that while the current state of active noise cancelling tech is good at reducing airplane noise, however a baby’s cry may still cut through your sleep like a hot knife in butter. The FILTER promises to reduce ambient disturbances like vacuums, pets noises, and even baby sounds to leave only the users voice to be transmitted to the other side. More details from the press release below:

Coming Soon: 

The World’s Most Powerful Portable Conference Speakerphone

Audeze is proud to introduce FILTER, the world’s most powerful portable conference speakerphone featuring AI-technology and Audeze’s award-winning audio. 

Available on Indiegogo starting Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Introducing Audeze FILTER

FILTER is the first high-performance compact wireless speaker that effectively eliminates background noises. Experience the most dynamic portable wireless speaker designed for use from the conference room to the remote office, anchored on awarding-winning audio technology and advanced AI-based noise-cancellation technology.

Zero-Noise Microphone, AI on the Edge Technology

The first high-performance wireless conference speakerphone engineered with AI on the edge noise-cancellation, effectively eliminating unwanted background sounds. FILTER includes Audeze’s planar magnetic drivers achieving the most powerful magnetic diaphragm control possible, resulting in the most accurate audio possible.

On Indiegogo Beginning Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Audeze FILTER will be available on Indiegogo beginning Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Early crowdfunding opportunities will include special pricing, available on a first-come basis.

More information: Audeze FILTER IndieGoGo