ZMF Headphones Drops A New Series of LE Woods

ZMF Headphones Verite Ziricote

It’s clear that Zach of ZMF Headphones has a love for both artisanal craftsmanship and fine woods. He has a penchant for some of the earth’s original building material – which is usually offered as an alternative choice around each model’s initial lunch. However, the latest crop of limited edition options arrive this week as a full refresh to the entire family of personal audio offerings he currently sells.

The flagship beryllium-coated diaphragm Verite we reviewed is refinished with a darker wood called Ziricote. The open-back Aeolus is getting retrofitted with Bubinga and the Auteur with Ambrosia Maple. Both the entry level Atticus and Eikon will receive LE editions in Camphor Burl. Along with the exotic flair of the release, the options will be quite limited to only 30 pieces per model. For those interested in a more deep dive into wood terminology and use, a good primer set up here to get started on.

The headphones range anywhere from $1.4k to $2.7k, you can check out all of the fine detail here: