ZMF Headphones – AXPONA 2018

Zack from ZMF headphones is going for something different. His drivers use a less common biocellulose driver and he sports a unique affinity for wood selection, offering his newest piece the Auteur in basic Teak ($1.6k), but that’s just the start.

There will be a rotation of optional select breeds to pick from, starting with limited edition Blackwood ($1.9k) that’s already close to sunset. There is also new cables and a pair of amplifiers, which ZMF partnered with Amps and Sound to sell. The best part? You can get the Mogwei SE ($2.5k) and Kenzie Encore ($2k) in a matching wood color to coordinate with your new pair of ZMF headphones.

We caught up with Zack at AXPONA’s Ear Gear Expo this year and he gave us all the dirty details. You can hear it all straight from the bearded man’s mouth in the embed below. And in case you were wondering, ZMF stands for Zack Mehrbach Films (Zack’s old company) not Zack M*****r F**cker like you were thinking.

More info on his site.