VPI Updates Their Prime Turntable Line, Adds Direct-Drive Avenger

VPI Industries 21 series turntable

It’s the time of year for new product releases, and one of the first brands out of the gate is New Jersey-based turntable maker VPI Industries. Completing a revamp of their mid-tier (and highest selling) Prime turntable line, the new 21 Series covers off the $3k-$8k range with three new VPI turntables.

Also joining the VPI turntable holiday party is a new reference player called the Avenger Direct ($30k). The latest to the flagship line offers direct drive rotation (as opposed to belt or rim) and a brand new tone arm. Rounding out the update is also a new phono pre and MM cart, more details in the release below.

While it was originally meant to celebrate 2021 (we thought it couldn’t be worse that 2020!) we revamped and launched our former Prime line as the 21 series with the minor refinements to each of the three turntables based off customer, dealer, and reviewer feedback.

Scout 21 (MSRP 2,850.00 USD) Prime 21 ​(MSRP 5,000.00 USD) Signature 21 (MSRP 8,250.00 USD) The VPI Avenger Direct ​(MSRP 30,000 USD)

CAF 2019 we showed the State-of-the-art Vanquish turntable but also loosely showed a heavy prototype for our potential Avenger Direct. Had CAF 2020 happened this was one of the many products we had planned for a production launch. Part of the higher price tag on the Vanquish was from us using the larger motor. The Avenger Direct uses the same motor as the HW-40 with some minor engineering refinements. The Avenger Direct completes the line by offering listeners a high end VPI option with multiple tonearms as a belt, rim, and now Direct Drive. The table features our Pneumatic Air Suspension Feet as well as a brand new tonearm that is so new we haven’t even named it yet and we don’t have pictures!

The New SDS (Estimated MSRP TBD)

This product is a long time coming! We had a prototype made and shown at a dealer event before the Pandemic. When COVID-19 hit all of our suppliers and engineers were unable to continue due to everyone’s own personal situations. We were forced to go back to the drawing board which brought life to a more robust, quitter, and diverse product. Our new SDS(SDS 2?) has the following features to name a few:
Digital readout display
Easy Adjustment between 33 and 45
Phase angel adjustment between the voltage and current going to the motor to make the motor super quite, no capacitor needed
Can install a Feed back loop to set speed
Can be used with an Ac Synchronize, BLDC, or a 3 phase motor
Potential capability to run and adjust off your phone, Bluetooth compatible
Keeps time of rotation, useful for cartridge life.

VPI Phono by Genesis (MSRP estimated 5,000 USD)

Prototype unit which was born from the continued conversations between Mat Weisfeld (that’s me) and Gary Koh of Genesis Advanced Technology about how complicated everything has gotten for the customer. In house we made another phono that was fantastic but offered so many adjustments and configurations it didn’t feel right (at least at this time). Gary design and sent over something that was inline with our goals and listening to it made it a reality. Note this unit is a prototype and while the guts/circuitry is final, the actual box is “on the way”.
Embodies the principle – as simple as possible but no simpler. Plug and play. No adjustments needed!
No settings for cartridge loading needed.
While it works and will be demonstrated with a wide range of Moving Coils, it is recommended for the VPI Shyla cartridge. (or any 0.3mV to 0.9mV moving coil)
Single RIAA-Shaped gain stage with only 2 components in the signal path.
RIAA equalization accomplished via shunt feedback using precision hand-matched components.
Critically important that each component is the best quality.
Uses an even better opamp than the legendary OPA627 – the OPA637 (faster and higher bandwidth.
Battery power supply with twenty alkaline AA’s which will last about 350 hours of play (you should change the batteries at least once every year anyway).

VPI Shirley MM Cartridge (MSRP 100 USD)

Earlier this year we unfortunately lost our VPI Grandma, Shirley Green who has been with our company since the beginning. The mother of VPI founder Sheila Weisfeld, Shirley was initially helping her daughter and her husband Harry in the VPI office which ended up being her new career. Sheila and Shirley were the heroes of the VPI office. Shirley was low maintenance, strong, and got the job done. This is why it made sense to name our new entry level Moving Magnet cartridge after here. Introducing the VPI Shirley cartridge!

More info: VPI Industries