Vinnie Rossi and Harbeth 30.2 Entertain The Masses At RMAF 2017

By Eric Franklin Shook

Admittedly I came here for the speakers. I’ve followed Mr. Rossi long enough via the web and at a few audio shows to know he’s probably been doing it right longer than most others have been doing it right. From Redwine Audio’s battery sourced DC days, on to his signature named product line, you can see a clear path of product refinement that stays current with the en vogue listening habits.

The patent pending Ultracapacitor power supply in Vinnie’s newest LIO Integrated (starting at $5,375 USD, as optioned here at RMAF: $13,995 USD) is one of the more intriguing features; isolating circuits from noise and fluctuations associated with A/C power, without the need for external power conditioning. Imagine pitch black backgrounds from which musical power emerges with all the speed and cunning of a jungle tiger. Sorry if that last sentence incites any flashbacks.

The LIO Integrated has more module options than you can shake a stick at. Take or leave them as time passes, be sure that new ones will manifest as technology changes: the LIO will be upgradable. Options include various Tube Linestages, DACs, Phonostages, Headphone Amplifiers, it’s a smorgasbord.

Fronting the system was Acoustic Signature’s ( Manfred mkii turntable ($3,499 USD), with their own TA1000 ($1,499 USD) carbon tonearm. Holding up the presentation agreement was Harbeth’s ( brand new 30.2 Loudspeaker ($6,495 USD), to which I admit not having much personal experience with Harbeths, to do so was an ear-opening experience.


More info on the Harbeth M30.2 from the room flyer:

“The next generation of Harbeths’ M30.1 model, the M30.2, is now available in a limited edition silver eucalyptus veneer. The M30.2 anniversary model features the latest WBT-nextgen binding posts, a new-look tweeter with silver hex grill, British-made audio grade poly capacitors, and Harbeth’s 40th anniversary ultra-pure OFC internal cable. Made in England ($6,495/pair). Ton Trager Speaker stands (not included): $1,395/pair.”