Vincent Audio Has A New Compact Hybrid Integrated For Your Listening Pleasure

Vincent Audio SV-200 integrated hybrid tube amplifier.

German-based Vincent Audio unleashed a new hybrid integrated amplifier this week which lands on the somewhat audiophile modest side of pricing at suggested retail price of $799.95.

Featuring two 6N1 tubes in the input stage, the new SV-200 is also trumpeted as a compact design with a 8.25″ width – sure to fit on any full size shelf. As a special surprise bonus, the SV-200 also includes a digital section equipped with 1 optical and 1 coaxial connection available on the back panel. The front panel includes an input selector switch and peek-a-boo tube window along side the usual volume knob.

A good fit for desktops or a small office setup, the SV-200 is rated at 25 watts into 8 ohms and 35 into 4. It’s always fun to see another contender in this space, as so much effort for the high-end of audiophiledom is reasonability considered for only large spaces (with plenty of surrounding air for ventilation). The bookshelf market for speaker design continues to put out some stellar options for pairings – allowing for both second systems and those that just want to enjoy music in their apartments like the rest of us an opportunity to get some decent hifi passing through the airwaves.

More info: Vincent Audio

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