V-Moda Launches Remix – Bluetooth Speaker and Headphone Amp In One Box

The arena of bluetooth-enabled portable speakers continues to grow out from its humble roots that started just a few short years ago. Today, headphone manufacturer V-Moda released its take on the subject, which includes a build it in headphone amplifier to further complement desktop use.

CEO of V-Moda Val Kolton was generous enough to give us the lowdown on the newest product via Skype from his company HQ located in Milan. His vision for the loudspeaker was not only to produce great sound, but also take new steps in customization though the possiblities of 3D printing. The Remix is fully customizable from head to toe, including a modular front grill, top and sides. Val had 3D printing specifically in mind when designing the specs for the speaker, the removable shell back actually conforms to restrictions with the current crop of printers, so design and construction are easier and more stable during layout. A few prefab options are available at launch, but Val plans on expanding this even further in the months to come.

The built in amplifier takes after V-Moda’s VAMP Versa portable amplifier and is intended to drive headphones beyond the typical capabilities inherent in phones and other portable sources. The two-in-one factor here makes for an easy travel companion, pulling double duty for hotel accommodations or offices with a closing door. The internal headphone amp is accessible via 3.5mm jack located on the back panel and can pump out 83mW x 2.

The speaker itself is capable of connectivity that includes chaining the signal to additional Remixes as well as a bluetooth connection for easy pairing to Amazon Dot or voice commands (with the embedded mic) to Siri from your phone. A line level 3.5mm connection allows for a wired input. Music in loudspeaker mode is made via two glass fiber drivers and one passive bass reflector to round out the show.

Pricing for the Remix starts at $300 for the base model with incremental costs for customization.

More info: http://v-moda.com/remix-bluetooth-speaker/