Ultrasone Edition 5 – NAMM 2015


The Germany-based company Ultrasone might not be the most “mainstream” of audiophile headphone brands, but they brought a solid presentation along with them to the National Association of Music Merchants (or “NAMM” as the show folk affectionately call it). The Ultrasone booth greets you with back lit table loaded with the company’s latest closed back headphones, including one of the newest editions to the “edition” line called Edition 5.


The closed-back, dynamic-driver Edition 5 is priced at a spicy $2,599 for the standard model and $5k for the limited edition model. The limited version is designated by its moor oak wood ear cups and also includes Ethiopian long-haired sheep leather pads (found on both versions). Only 555 of the limited were made, so head-fi collectors may want to take heed.


The feature set of the Edition 5 touts a technology registered as S-Logic EX.

From the company website:

“This innovation is based on a funnel-shaped arrangement for the sound transducer, oriented downwards to the front. This specific funnel-shaped structure allows the transducer to be further away from the ear and therefore results in a much more spatial forward positioning effect. The main purpose of S-Logic EX® technology was to further optimise the already impressive S-Logic effect. Intensive research and many years of testing have directed in this funnel-shaped composition for the titanium-coated sound transducers, downwards to the front. These new titanium-coated sound transducers are an innovation specially adapted to this acoustic task.”

In addition to titanium coating on the transducers, Ultrasone coated the ear cups in ruthenium for more durability. Precious metals beware, Ultrasone is coming for you! The 32 ohm headphone also comes with a detachable cable and three different plugs including one with in-line controls and a microphone for mobile devices.

On Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GZ0X9L6/