Tool Release New Song, Unleash Entire Back Catalog To The Digital Realm

Tool Fear Inoculum

It has been quite a while since Tool has had any new material to speak about in the public eye. This week a new preview track “Fear Inoculum” surfaced and is actually the first in 13 years for the long-beloved metal band. The full album is due out on August 30, but you can hear the entirety of the new track in the embed below.

While YouTube might not provide the best audio quality for eager hifi ears, the band also switched gears in a big way recently by making nice with digital distribution in many of its forms – some even in high resolution. On Qobuz the artist’s songs are available to stream up to 24/96 with the hifi resolutions available on Tidal as well (no Master/MQA however). Downloaders for posterity sake can find the tracks from the Qobuz download store and even HDTRACKS in 24/96.

For fans of the genre, this summer marks a key resurgence for a band that helped cross metal into a more palatable course for the outskirts of heavy rock and perhaps even the mainstream a bit. Much has likely changed for the Tool over the years, but the classic guitar tone and meticulous drumming still seem intact. Keeping true to old school metal roots, each song on new album promises to clock over 10 minutes per track… the new track Fear Inoculum is no exception.