Time for Some Cans and Jams – CanJam SoCal 2016


Sunny Californ-I-A. This weekend we at Audio-Head join another headphone meet up in the warm nether regions of the city of Los Angeles. Educated guesses will point in the direction of a well stocked event full of fantastical personal audio products and smiling faces from manufacturers far and wide.


Expect the AH pages to heat up very shortly after the weekend with all the news and products releases from the show. As always feel free to reach out on Twitter [https://twitter.com/TheAudioHead], Facebook [https://www.facebook.com/TheAudioHead/] or the comments section here if you have something specific from the show you would like more information about, we are here to please!

Rumor mill swirling, expect a few new items from Pioneer including a new portable digital player and headphone. High end manufacturer Cavalli will have their traditional premium headphones amplifiers on display as well as a new prototype called Liquid Tungsten available to grab a listen from. Layer on finished sounds from the Woo WA8 portable and new Stax gear, and you have yourself a good ‘ol fashioned audio show.


One thought on “Time for Some Cans and Jams – CanJam SoCal 2016

  • Big smiles because this is headphones hey-day. The only growing segment of audio yields the better profits for those vendors. I still prefer music as a shared experience and use speakers predominantly, but starting out? Music lovers are well served immersing themselves into the variety that is headphones.

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