Tidal Connect Casting Technology Hits The Airwaves

Tidal Connect

Pulling down tunes from the cloud is perhaps one of the easiest ways to listen to music. But using the local app on your phone or tablet to receive the signal and then project to your playback source can sometimes be a bit more trouble than nessecary. Today, the high resolution streaming service Tidal announced their new tech Tidal Connect will now be available to stream directly to approved sources, with the Tidal app acting as only a control option.

The Tidal casting services is one of the first high resolution options to hit the market, following suit behind the lossy Spotify connect that has been available for a few years already. You can find all the press details in the release below:

New casting technology enables HiFi members to control music on connected devices directly from app. October 20, 2020 (New York, NY) – Today, global music and entertainment streaming platform, TIDAL, is launching TIDAL Connect, the first and only HiFi casting technology from a music streaming service, which allows users to stream music directly to connected devices. Through TIDAL Connect, the platform’s unparalleled lossless audio quality can now be seamlessly experienced on members’ favorite devices with the touch of a button. For the first time ever, TIDAL HiFi members can now enjoy uninterrupted playback of their favorite albums or tracks in their preferred quality on their preferred devices, with the TIDAL app functioning as a controller. Device launch partners include: Bluesound, Cambridge Audio, DALI, KEF, iFi audio, Lyngdorf, Monitor, NAD, and Naim Audio. StreamUnlimited is an additional integration launch partner. Available to Premium members as well, users can open the “Now Playing,” screen while playing a song, click on the device selector on the bottom left, and choose their TIDAL Connect-enabled device for playback. Lior Tibon, TIDAL COO, said, “TIDAL consistently looks for opportunities to normalize and elevate the HiFi listening experience, with its chief aims being uncompromised high-fidelity sound and seamless access to entertainment. TIDAL Connect offers HiFi members another route to discovery, making it easier to control music on a preferred device and motivating users to use TIDAL as intended, wherever and whenever.” TIDAL Connect is also the only casting technology to feature support for the extended audio formats available through TIDAL HiFi, including Master Quality Authenticated recordings (MQA), and Dolby Atmos. MQA delivers master quality sound as the artist intended it, and Dolby Atmos provides listeners with breakthrough immersive audio experiences through spatialized, object-based audio. TIDAL also offers music lovers unlimited access to its extensive catalogue of over 60 million tracks across all genres, thousands of expertly curated playlists by TIDAL’s seasoned editorial team and endless artist radio stations. With “HiFi Albums For You” and “New HiFi Tracks For You,” TIDAL curates playlists based on user listening patterns so HiFi members can listen to the latest releases in the best quality available. Immediately upon creating an account, members will receive a personalized “Welcome Mix” featuring music from their favorite artists and inspiring new music discovery.

More info: https://tidal.com/connect