The New B2 Audioengine Bluetooth Speaker – CAS 2014

AudioEngine 1

The brothers Bargenquast of Audioengine had a new product to talk about, although images weren’t quite ready for primetime. The newest addition to their robust, compact computer audio lineup is a bookshelf bluetooth speaker that has simplicity at its core.

AE 2

Keeping with the straightforward naming nomenclature that Audioengine has become known for, the unit will called “B2” is quite simply two of their classic A2 speakers laid out on their side, tweeters out, in a single case. The two sets of drivers are housed individually in their own space on the back end. The small unit even incorporates two of the venting cutouts you see pictured above (on the inside A2+ units) in the center. Inputs are paired down to minijack analog and Bluetooth (aptX compatible). The small package seemed perfect to add a little more sonic love to your favorite room without the need to attach to a full computer or additional digital source. Of course, you could always still connect your entire collection from your main computer to the device with the company’s D2 music streamer.

AudioEngine B1

Brady let me know that the guts of the bluetooth section for the new product are essentially one of their recently released B1 units, so algebraically speaking B2=((A2)*2)+B1.  The whole package should be ready to hit primetime in the next couple of months. Retail pricing will be a very kind $299.


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