The MXA80 is McIntosh’s Newest All-In-One System

Everyone’s favorite blue-and-green-paneled amplifier manufacturer has released a new all-in-one system that now supports DSD and DXD with a new updated DAC section. The MXA80 houses a 50 watt amplifier tied to a specifically designed pair of 2 way speakers for a small yet effective footprint for any desk or shelf. The new digital decoder offers up PCM compatibility to 32/384kHz resolutions and DSD up to 256.

The back panel features 6 inputs including balanced 3 pin and a priority MCT input for a DSD connection direct from McIntosh’s MCT 450 SACD transport. The front panel also includes a 3.5mm input jack for headphone listening should one not be able to take full advantage of the loudspeakers. Headphone listening includes McIntosh’s crossfeed option and a 5 step bass control for fine tuning the entire system to your personal taste.

All in all, its quite a feature set for a simple office setup, but the asking price of $6k doesn’t leave much room for scrimping on options. The MXA80 is not the only luxury-priced compact system out there, but is certainly catering to the audiophile concentrate with the latest DSD upgrades. Its coming in hot and heavy, and still looks the part with its iconic blue meters and classic looks.

The new McIntosh desktop system is now taking orders though its dealer network, with an expected ship date by the end of this month.

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2 thoughts on “The MXA80 is McIntosh’s Newest All-In-One System

  • I have the MC 252 and MC 352 (for Maggie’s and other grumpy speaks). I have to switch off the meters as they are a hypnotic distraction. Mac’s are an investment…

  • Their last “all in one” system left A LOT to be desired. Sadly the Macs of old are not what they are putting out today. Seems to me to be more of a status symbol than a true HiFi rig at that price point.

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