The HiFiMAN RE-2000 and Edition 6 – CES 2017

Although it wasn’t the first time the public was able to lay eyes (and ears) on the flagship HiFiMAN electrostatic Shangri-La, it was now in a full, sellable iteration. Even with the big guys sound looming intently in the corner of the Venetian suite, other big news awaited in the other far corners of the room.

New to the world from CES is the introduction of the Edition 6. Priced at a spicy $6k, the early prototype at the show wasn’t in its final form just yet, but was still kicking out the jams in true HiFiMAN style. The ovoid shape this time around is slightly tailored when compared to the HE-1000 but still utilizes a nano-thickness diaphragm at its core. And at 60Ω of impedance, is much easier to drive that the last “6” from the company.

Also on display was a new nano-coated IEM called the RE-2000 ($2k). Comprised of a single 9.2mm dynamic driver, the new flagship IEM was also still a work in progress. Materials and aesthetics will likely change from what you see pictured here. In the case of the RE-2000 the driver technology includes a coating laid over a driver that can be shaped into any pattern, thus adjusting the output in new ways.

Designer and CEO Fang Bian sat down with us to give us all the details on the 3 new products coming out in the videos below.