The AudioEngine Room – AXPONA 2014

Things just keep getting better for the budget-friendly computer audio company AudioEngine. The good news for us is what is really getting bigger values, and not really bigger sizes or costs. The company recently released and update to their popular desktop speaker line. The new 2+ ($249) fully incorporates a DAC, Amplifier and loudspeaker package that will fit on any desk. See our full review [here].

In addition to the 2+, AudioEngine had their full line of wireless steaming DACs, passive loudspeakers and even the new thumb-drive sized micro DAC called the D3 ($189) on hand for attendees to check out. Always one of the best bang for the buck at audio shows, the manageable size and cost of this company’s product line really scream value in an atmosphere that mostly flaunts excess. Don’t get me wrong, I usually love excess almost as much as I love value.

The package that greeted visitors to the room is probably one of the nicest doorstops I’ve ever seen. ¬†Comprised of AudioEngine’s many color options, the S8 powered subwoofer ($349) in white and the 5-inch powered A5+ in bamboo made for a fine ascetic. You can check out a full rundown of AudioEngine’s wares on their site, they ship direct to consumer.