The Audio Company, VAC, Von Schweikert, Esoteric, Kronos, Airtight, Critical Mass Systems – FLAX 2020

The Audio Company, VAC, Von Schweikert Ultra 11, Esoteric, Kronos, Airtight, Critical Mass Systems from FLAX 2020.

The Audio Company of Marietta, Georgia has expertly toured over the last three years what many in our industry consider to be the ultimate exhibit experience in high-end audio show history. The popularity of the exhibit has remained a constant, while unbelievably the sound of the system has miraculously improved over time. It’s kind of crazy.

The most recent improvement has come in the form of a new amplifier and circuit from Valve Amplification Company (also known as VAC). VAC’s new Statement 452 iQ Musicbloc power amplifier is a stereo or mono power amplifier dependent on user configuration.

Design features include mono/dual-mono switchable Musicbloc™ configuration, fully balanced circuitry, Class-A1 direct-coupled triode input & driver circuitry. Power output of 450-watts in mono or 225-watts per channel dual-mono (stereo). Vacuum tube complement of 8 x Gold Lion KT88, and 4 x TungSol 6SN7GTB. Patented VAC iQ Continuous Automatic Bias System. Along with a two years parts and labor warranty, excluding tubes.

If the layout and chassis are familiar, it’s possible you’ve seen the Statement 450i iQ Integrated Amplifier that is based on the same amplifier architecture and includes a top class preamplifier section. The 450i integrated stands 48-inches tall compared to the 452i’s 28-inch tall stature.

Listening to the system is a complex battle of the senses. As visually the display of components is so endearing to look at, that one needs to close their eyes to take a truly focused audition of the sound. Once that mode of refined psychological operation is achieved, the VAC/Von Schweikert system proves that it stands with a very small sliver of the very best in high fidelity audio.

by Eric Franklin Shook

Valve Amplification Company (VAC)

Statement Phono Preamplifier – $80,000 USD

Statement Line Preamplifier – $80,000 USD

Statement 452iQ Power Amplifier (stereo/mono) – $75,000 ea USD

Von Scheikert

Ultra 11 Loudspeaker System – $325,000 pr USD

V-12XS Shockwave Subwoofer – $11,500 ea USD


Grandioso P1X CD Transport – $50,000 USD

Grandioso D1X Monoblock DACs – $50,000 pr USD

N-01 Streamer/Renderer/DAC – $22,000 USD

G1 Grandioso Clock – $26,000 USD


W20SE Music Server/Streamer/Renderer – $22,000 USD


Pro Turntable (w/Black Beauty tonearm, Ultracap Power Supply) – $51,000 USD


Opus 1 Cartridge – $16,000 USD

Critical Mass Systems

V-12 Luxury Rack – $10,150 component space USD

Maxxum Rack – $6,150 component space USD