Technics & The SL-1500C – RMAF 2019

Technics and the SL-1200 are legendary.

Technics was showing one of the best vertically integrated systems at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019. Featuring multiple products spread across their lines of loudspeakers, amplifiers, turntables, digital sources, headphones, and all-in-one music systems.

Starting with the new SL-1500C turntable ($1.2k), which represents a “scaled-to-refined” version of the iconic SL-1200 it builds upon. The SL-1500C is specifically designed as a “home audio” device for vinyl playback, whereas the SL-1200 has built its reputation as a DJ’ing workhorse.

The SL-1500C turntable rids itself of all the SL-1200’s disco-favorable attributes in lieu of a more sleek and purposed-for-playback function and styling. The SL-1500C includes a built-in phono preamplifier that is user defeatable.

Technics SL 1500C Turntable at RMAF 2019. SL-1500C is new.

Many of the advances in the SL-1500C on-board electronics found their development in more high-scale turntable projects like the Reference SP-10R turntable. Which to my eyes also include some of the sleeker aesthetic design cues as well.

Powering the whole affair, a stacked rack of Technics electronics centered around the SU-G700 integrated amplifier and SB-G90 loudspeakers. As other units from the Technics line-up were on display alternatively as active or passive during the weekend. The SL-G700 Networking CD/SACD Player and EAH-F70N headphones rounded out the display.

How’s it all sound? Absolutely charming and lifelike. The Chet Atkins guitar sounded crisp and warm as I’d expect it to on the most refined and high-end consumer electronics available. The Technics line competes on a level often regarded for bespoke brands. Which separates the Technics brand from others in their category. 

by Eric Franklin Shook