Supra HiFi, Vivid, Mola-Mola, Aurender, Analysis Plus – Lone Star Audio Fest 2019

Supra HiFi, Vivid, Mola-Mola, Aurender, Analysis Plus atLone Star Audio Fest 2019

The Lone Star Audio Fest is a lot about enjoying yourself, be it exhibitor or attendee, and getting a chance to see your fellow hi-fi designers and builders. Guys like Scott Warren of Supra HiFi has witnessed many people go from small DIY Hi-Fi makers on to what the audiophile going press and public would deem as true hi-fi manufacturers. What Mr. Warren really likes about Lone Star Audio Fest is the chance to build relationships with these fellow exhibitors (and potential customers) that the larger shows don’t often allow for due to their scale, and rushed sense of urgency to “see it all.” Scott’s Supra HiFi exhibit room was a busy one at the show this year, and it’s a testament to those relationships he has built with attendees, exhibitors, and builders who have shown alongside Scott and Supra Hi-Fi for many years now.

The big to-do surrounding Supra Hi-Fi’s room was the Vivid Audio Oval 1.5 ($8,000 pr USD) loudspeakers. Paired with a complete rack of Mola-Mola gear: Makua Linestage ($12,200 USD) + the Optional DAC board installed ($8,200 USD) and a slick looking pair of Kaluga Monoblock Amplifiers ($17,200 pr USD). Sourcing was pulled from an Aurender Streamer. All cabling was curated from the Analysis Plus lineup: including, Silver Apex Speaker Cables ($3,800 USD), Silver Apex Interconnects ($996 USD), Power Oval Ten ($309 USD), Power Oval 2 MkII ($520 USD), and Purple Plus USB ($99 USD).

From there, a friend and customer of Supra Hi-Fi,  Mr. Todd Binnix (EE) contributed his passion and expertise in room setup to the mix, creating one of the better systems at the show for being focused and without many of the problems usually encountered in such small and sonically unfriendly hotel rooms. Mr. Binnix integrated a pair of JL Audio Fathom 113 v1’s into the system, using both ear, experience, and measurements to optimize placement.

Given all sorts of chances to move around the room, and under different levels of inebriation, I found no placement of myself that yielded less than stellar and balanced bass. Which is really remarkable considering the uneven room boundaries, and placement of furniture. Ultimately it was the sweet(er) spots in the room that delivered better focus and imaging that the Vivid loudspeakers provide. Unique to the room, was the placement and vertical alignment of the Vivid Oval V1.5’s as they were slightly tilted forward-and-down, to better align with the low seating arrangement of the hotel room (see photos). Most rooms at shows will give you the cake, but a Supra Hi-Fi exhibit gives you the icing as well. Much attention to accurate speaker setup is part of their fame in the game.

By Eric Franklin Shook