Sunny Components, Technics, EgglestonWorks, Bryston, Audience – T.H.E. SHOW 2019

Technics SL1200G

The big news in the Sunny Components room was the NEW super high-end looking, and yet super value priced EgglestonWorks Emma Evolution towers, and Nico Evo monitors being driven by Bryston electronics. While during my time in the room, the Nico Evo was only on passive display, I’ve been assured that they too made their way into the system.

It was the new Emma Evolution ($5,500 pr USD) tower loudspeakers that were stealing the show. Both the Emma and Nico are remakes or reimaginings of previous loudspeakers offered by EgglesonWorks. The technology for the two newly redesigned speakers comes from much higher up in the product lineup. During the research, development, and production of the Viginti model, many of the features and design techniques were found to be holistically better. Lucky for us, those cues would trickle down the family tree and find their way into the new Emma’s and Nico’s. Improved porting, new crossovers, upgraded cabinet design, all shared with the much bigger and more expensive Viginti.

Aesthetically the Emma embodies the ultra-high-end look we’re familiar with in $20,000+ loudspeakers. Sonically, there isn’t much left to be desired either. The Emma plays nearly as full-range can be measured, with frequency range down to 32Hz on the low-end and 24kHz on the high. The 1-inch silk dome tweeter is smooth and revealing, while the dual 6-inch woofers in this slender cabinet provide knock-out levels of bass and extension. Shown here in brilliant red, the Emma’s almost seem too good to be true, but assuredly we’re not dreaming.

On the electronics side it was Brytons full rack of electronics being helmed by a Technics SL1200G ($4,000 USD). The new ‘1200 is still a ‘1200 for all you turntablists out there reading this. However from soup-to-nuts the new Technics SL1200G is built not only as rugged as in generations past, but to a whole new standard of accuracy and finesse unheard of in turntables known as much for being serious workhorses.

SL1200G Turntable
Sunny Components