Shunyata Research, Audio Research, Wilson Audio – AXPONA 2019

Shunyata Research

Shunyata Research has two new power distributors.

Shunyata Research has one of the longest histories of creating outstanding power management products. Currently they are expanding their power conditioner series to cover more price points and offer up more value per dollar than ever before in the power distribution market.

The new four series of the Shunyata Research line-up are to Venom, Delta, Alpha, and Sigma — in that order from lowest to highest of the range. These names should be familiar to you if you have experience with Shunyata Research’s line of cables. Moving existing product and newly developed product into those series demarcations will help streamline the product categories and make room for the new products in development.

Hydra from Shunyata Research.

The new Delta six-outlet power distribution center retails for $2,000 USD, and the Alpha twelve-unit power distribution center retails for $3,500 USD. They all feature fundamental Shunyata design technologies like high-current noise filtering, which is based in Shunyata’s own medical technologies filters. The specific run-down of the features in these new power distributors isn’t solid yet as they are still very new to the product line-up. Word from around the campfire is however, that they are absurdly good, even to the point where they are challenging existing products further up the line.

While in the listening room, we experienced a noise cancelation demonstration that was rather thrilling. Even when intertwined with the exhibit system, remarkable improvements were made across all sonic avenues. I’m excited to see what comes next from Shunyata Research as they refine not only their product lines, but also the power we use on a daily basis.

by Eric Shook