Schiit’s Nexus-Equipped Ragnarok Integrated Amplifier Hits The Streets

Schiit Ragnarok 2

While the promise of an update to Schiit Audio’s integrated amplifier + headamp may have been teased for a bit longer than expected, the new shiny thing from the CA-based manufacturer is finally ready for sale.

What is Nexus you might ask? A quick look down the feature set for the 60W RMS (into 8 ohm) amplifier lists the technology as a “unique differential current-feedback topology that handles both single-ended and balanced inputs and outputs without conversion.” Amongst other things, the amplifier also boasts a modular structure that can integrated both a phono or multi-bit digital stage, a 128-step relay switch volume pot and for the first time ever, a remote control.

Ragnarok Integrated

On the amplification end of things the Ragnarok 2 operates in class AB with no capacitors in the output stage. Headphone responsibilities shovel out a healthy 3 watts into 300 ohms in balanced mode and offers connectivity for both 1/4″ SE and 4 pin XLR on the front panel. Back panel connects with two sets of balanced inputs, a SE RCA input and a pair of both for pre outs.

An amp-only version is available for $1,499, and the aforementioned modular sections come in the “fully loaded” option with both DAC and MM phono pre (not available individually) for $1,799. The old version of the Ragnarok is now officially discontinued.

More info: Schiit Audio

Ragnarok Amplifier