Schiit Audio Launches Two New Gaming Products, The Fulla 3 and Hel

Schiit Audio Hel gaming headphone amplifier. Fulla 3 is also an option.

From headphones to two channel amplification, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the budget-conscious audiophile brand Schiit Audio got into gaming. Announced just this morn, two new headphone amplifiers were introduced to the expanding team which both incorporate microphone inputs along side USB and headamp stages.

In the third reincarnation of the Fulla, the consistently $99 product managed to squeeze in a few more features along side the desktop DAC/Amp application. The internal chipset hosts AKM AK4490 silicone while the back panel utilizes two micro-usb plus a variable analog output to be used as a pre amp for desktop speakers, if the spirit moves you. The big addition this round is of course the 3.5mm mono electret mic input on the front panel. Connected to a gaming device, this allows for both the headphone to come out in a cleaner signal at the same time the mic’d conversation you produce flows lovingly into your next raid party chat.

Those looking for a bit of a step up will have to fork over another $90 for the brand new Hel ($189). For the extra investment, consumers will get a little more heft in the power department (4x, according to the listed specs) along with gain switching (very helpful for sensitive headphones) and variable gain knob for the microphone level on the front panel. Of course, you also get the cooler red and black motif on the casework and a stereo mic input as well. Both products can be used with low-power draw USB like portable iOS devices.

A sign of a good product launch, both products are available now direct from the company site and are slated to ship within a few days. Huzzah.