Rotel Intros The Michi X5 And X3 Integrated Amplifiers

Michi X5 by Rotel

If you follow our review schedule here at Audio-Head, you might note that we have a particular love for the simplicity of integrated amplifiers and a great pair of bookshelf speakers. Announced this week is a new pair of integrateds from Rotel called the Michi X5 and X3.

The X5 comes equipped with 350 watts into 8 ohms of power, and according to the press release “near limitless, controlled, bass energy”. What isn’t on the table in terms of subjective observation is its abundant array of inputs supporting 14 total sources. That also includes a APT-X capable bluetooth option, just for funzies.

Michi X5 Back Panel

The step down X3 pushes 200 watts into 8 ohms and harnesses the power of 13 input options. One of those options is a moving magnet phono stage, and there is a “high efficiency oversized toroidal transformer” feeding the whole business.

The Michi X3 Integrated Amplifier is projected to hit the street in September for $5k, with the X5 following in November for $7k.

More info:

Michi X3 integrated amplifier by Rotel.
Michi X3 Back Panel

Full feature list from the press release:

• Delivers 350-watts of robust power into 4-ohm and 200-watts to 8-ohm loads driven by a high efficiency oversized toroidal transformer feeding independent analog, digital and power amplifier voltage regulator circuits for optimal power isolation
• The X3 circuits are designed to optimize the signal path to each of the 13 source inputs including XLR, analog, digital, pc-USB, Bluetooth with apt-x wireless streaming and moving magnet phono stage
• Utilizing direct-path circuit topology, the X3 further isolates sensitive audio signals and processing from the high current amplification stage lowering the noise floor and delivering an improved sound field
• The X3 high-resolution screen ensures quick setup of all features and multiple user-selectable configuration options of the run-time display.
• RS232 and ethernet connectivity provide integration with all popular control systems
• Delivers 600-watts of output power into 4-ohms and 350-watts to 8-ohm loads with near limitless,
controlled, bass energy
• Supports an array of 14 source inputs including analog, digital, XLR, PC-USB with DSD 2x decoding and
MQA rendering
• APT-X and AAC high quality wireless Bluetooth streaming and both moving-magnet and moving-coil
phono stage
• Digital to analog conversion utilizes an AKM 32 bit, 768khz DAC, achieving meticulous accuracy and
timing of the audio
• The front panel graphic display provides easy access to all setup options using the included custom
designed signature Michi remote control
• The display is configurable to show operating status, a 12-band graphic EQ or peak power meter
• RS232 and ethernet connection ensure simple integration with automation systems