QLN, Audio Hungary, Aqua, Innuos, AntiCables: Leave Us Well Pleased – RMAF 2017

by Eric Shook

Another Unassuming Room Wows Again.

Small rooms with small speakers don’t always draw the biggest crowds, and that’s a really sad thing, because more than a fair share of my favorite rooms at audio shows are the under 60 watt amplifier, bookshelf speaker, and simple system variety. There’s a good market for bedroom or second room systems out there. Also, systems for people who don’t want the imposing presence of audio equipment as it pertains for living room decor. Contrary to popular belief, size does matter, but not in the way you might think.

Mark Sossa of Well Pleased AV distribution has been on my radar since meeting at Capital Audiofest in 2014. His knack for presenting new brands from around the globe and assembling well sounding systems that all share two characteristics. 1) Livable: in terms of size. 2) Spartan: in terms of complication. Mark’s demo rooms always feature unassuming stereo systems, but do so with terrific sound. This type of consistency from a distributer is usually paramount to their success.

Star of the small rooms this year was Sossa’s:
– QLN Signature 3 two-way loudspeakers ($7,500 USD)
– Audio Hungary Qualiton A50i Integrated Tube Amplifier ($7,500 USD)
– Aqua Acoustic Quality Formula DAC ($14,700 USD)
– Innuos Zenith SE music server ($7,000 USD)
– Anticables (various and many – see pictures)

A seriously rocking stereo system, with unobtrusive looks and absolutely jaw dropping sound. Proving again that esoteric sound need not come at the cost of valuable real estate.

Well Pleased AV is validation to the philosophy that careful curation of product and system building is key to awe-inspiring musical experiences. Distributors who subscribe to this ideology often do well at trade shows, and instill confidence in their existing and potential new dealer networks.