Puro Sound Labs – CanJam SoCal 2016


Protecting your hearing is usually priority one for many audiophiles. Ensuring your ear holes stay in their best form late into your 60s takes education early in life as well as protection in any extreme situation that you may cross paths with. One big issue that the resent rise of headphones rarely addresses is hearing damage caused by overdoing it on the volume, especially at a young age when the extra stimulation doesn’t seem to have any initial, immediate inverse affects. A new product line from a company called Puro hopes to make a positive impact on the situation with a set of volume-conscious headphones made for people in all stages of life.


The company’s BT2200 is intended for children and includes a full volume limiter at 85 db, which is the recommended listening level for sessions up to 8 hours. The $80 pair of headphone manages to last for 18 hours of battery playback time and even includes wireless bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.


If you forget to charge the headphones via their USB port, the BT2200 can also be driven with a removable 3.5mm cable for non wireless use. The marketing engine for the company churns heavy with sound quality aspirations, which, if done correctly could play double duty with keeping the kiddies satisfied with their stimuli-limited earphones.


Puro took the idea a step further with a headphone for the rest of us touting “studio-grade audio quality, plus advanced volume monitoring and interactive reporting to guide users to safer listening.” An LED light located on the earcup lets you know how you are doing with green to red indicators. Bluetooth for the adult BT5200 ($129.99) includes the audiophile friendly AptX codec along with swivel cups capable of laying flat on a surface for easy storage and travel. Both headphones are an on-ear design with 40mm dynamic drivers.