Pure Audio Project – RMAF 2018

Let’s talk about the man behind it all — Ze’ev Schlik — who is the founder of the Pure Audio Project. Ze’ev has created with the Pure Audio Project a reliable and expressive way for those who have dabbled in open baffle speakers (or always wanted to) a way to capture a legitimate hi-fi experience without all of the trial and (t)error associated with the DIY community.

On active display at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was Pure Audio Project’s brilliant sounding pair of loudspeakers, the Trio 15 Horn 1 — as outfitted for the festival. I say outfitted, as the center section full range driver can be swapped out at any time for the static display units at the show. During my time listening, it was the Horn 1 option. Also in the option line-up but on static display during my time in the room; the Trio 15 Voxativ (w/AC-1.6) center unit which uses a field coil driver, and the Quintet 15 TB (w/TB W1808) center unit which rings out more value from the shared architecture, but also a different sound. You may like one over the other regardless of price, it’s your speaker and it’s all up to you.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Ze’ev Schlik (the founder of the Pure Audio Project) is really on to something. Ze’ev is countering the often negative or fruitless experiences that many audiophiles looking to enter the DIY segment of the hobby encounter. As we all know, the internet is filled with: DIY forums, project videos, and theoretical discussions. Half of them spurious at best, and even less offer the “affordable sonic wonderland” they promise.

Still, the demand for customizable, build-it-yourself audio projects remain. What the Pure Audio Project has done to change the DIY landscape is to make it both sonically and authentically legitimate.