PS Audio Debuts AN3 Loudspeaker – RMAF 2019

PS Audio and the AN3 loudspeaker from RMAF 2019.

At Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019, PS Audio debuted their latest state-of-the-art AN3 loudspeaker. With a complete museum like showroom PS Audio’s complete product line, it was the new AN3 taking center-stage and garnering its due attention.

The AN3 on display at RMAF 2019 is the final pre-production prototype. The configuration and driver complement of the AN3 have been completely revised from the prototype shown at Axpona earlier this year.

In the latest iteration, all drivers, crossovers, DSP, crossover and amplification were designed by Chris Brunhaver, Senior Loudspeaker Design Engineer at PS Audio, and are custom-built exclusively for PS Audio.

The AN3 features coaxial planar magnetic midrange and tweeter drivers, bespoke midbass coupler and woofer/subwoofer drivers with massive magnet assemblies and state-of-the-art inert cone assemblies.

The subwoofer is driven by a built-in 700-watt amplifier. PS Audio’s own DSP aids with installation in any room. The cabinet has been divided into two assemblies for ease of shipping and assembly.

The AN series is based upon the work of Arnie Nudell, and will eventually include three models. The AN3 will be the smallest and least expensive, followed by the AN2 and AN1. The AN1 will be a line-source loudspeaker designed as the ultimate expression of Arnie’s work, and a fitting replacement for (and successor to) the Infinity IRS V of yore.

Also coming soon, three new models of Stellar loudspeakers, each designed to emulate the sound quality of the AN series, but at lower price-points.

Also showing was the new Stellar Phono Preamp which features all discrete FET circuitry, passive RIAA equalization, a large power supply, and variable loading for moving coil cartridges.

by Eric Franklin Shook