Periodic Audio Tests the Elements With 3 New IEMs

When it comes to tapping into the elements for new In-Ear driver materials newcomer Periodic Audio takes the idea all the way to the company name. The transducers embedded into their 3 launch products are no joke either. Producing Magnesium, Titanium and Beryllium for debut IEMs is fairly serious business.

For those keeping track, Focal recently adapted Beryllium drivers down from their loudspeaker tweeters into the successful launch of a new flagship named Utopia last year to rave reviews. This incarnation further translates the idea into mobile audio with fresh angle. While Mg and Ti have made their way into several earphone company portfolios, the pure Be driver from Periodic is one of the first (if not the actual first) to be produced for an IEM.

Perhaps even of equal importance to the story here is the price. The three tier lineup starts at a competitive $99 (for Mg), jumps to $199 (Ti) and tops out at a mere $299 for the Be – a fairly big distance from the $4k asking price for the Utopia. The material has proven to be extremely quick on its feet and a good match for audio from several vantage points. The single-wideband-dynamic-driver approach no doubt has its appeal, especially when price points can fall clear under the weight of the growing $1k+ population of multi-BA flagships entering personal audio. High expectations are sure to follow, but Periodic is proposing the right question, at the right time.

Pre orders start on 2/15 of this year with shipping dates expected to begin early March.

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“Founded in 2016, Periodic Audio, is led by a seasoned team including Daniel Wiggins, Mike Kim, and two other partners, backed with an additional team of engineers. Collectively, they have more than 140 years consumer electronics experience in electronic, mechanical, firmware, acoustical, and industrial design experience with a wide variety of brands including Apple, Blue Microphones, Event Electronics, Flextronics, Harman International, Mackie, Microsoft, SONOS, and Starke Sound.”