Periodic Audio Teases Out a Nickel

Periodic Audio has made several appearances within the personal audio show circuit as of late. Making waves via a 3 tier set of IEMs, the lineup is perhaps best known for its use of a beryllium driver for its current flagship with a budget price ($299). Periodic now looks to add to its elemental collection with the supplemental amplifier called Nickel.

Speaking with Zeke Burgress from the Periodic team, it appears the Nickel will be a severely mobile option for on-the-go and other IEM-reletive operations. While still in prototype form at the event, the portable amplifier should house 240mw of extra juice designed specifically for IEM use.

In a slight deviation from the norm, the analog in-out amplifier should not house its own volume control, rather relying on variable output from the source to be passed through its circuitry. The fixed amp is definitely intended to be powerful and portable. The final design should be slim enough so to fit into a pocket without to much of a profile issue and light enough to stay put without much drag on the cable connection lashing it to the source. For the most part, options for IEM quality improvement from an amplifier perspective have always been pretty thin, so any uptick to an earphone at this level is very much still welcome from a market standpoint.

Expect a summer release for the little guy, with a street price within the ballpark of $200. If you would like to hear more about Period Audio’s lineup of IEMs, check out the embed below for more details from the company’s chief designer Daniel Wiggins.