Parasound Drops A New Flagship Monoblock

Parasound Halo JC1+ mono block amplifier.

Drafting on the success of the original JC1 mono block designed by John Curl, Parasound released news this week that it will be following up their flagship with a new product slated for Q1 of this year. The new JC1+ boasts “sweeping improvements” along with its 450 watts into 8 ohms.

Among other changes, the JC1+ is 30% heavier than its predecessor – weighing in at 83 lbs per. The feature set includes “active high-frequency noise filtering with Bybee Music Rails™”, a driver stage with “driver stage employs a cascode circuit with greater open-loop bandwidth and increased linearity” and custom designed “Premium Wilson Audio REL capacitors”.

Also included is gain switching between 23dB or 29dB gain, for those with either high gain preamps or high sensitivity speakers. The JC1+ power amplifier is available in black or silver and will make the rounds into the Parasound dealer network this quarter for $8,495 each. Interested parties can find more information (and a laundry spec list) on the company site.