Muraudio, Hegel – AXPONA 2019

Muraudio at AXPONA 2019.

Muraudio keeps on winning. Be it a massive stack of electronics, or a high-current Hegel integrated, the Muradio SP1 might be the new speaker to beat at around $15K.

This is not my first foray with The Muraudio SP1 full-range loudspeaker. Staying in their show-going path, I am all-in for the long term narrative. The SP1 was launched way back in March of 2018 and has since received many accolades from numerous publications in that time. Even from my own coverage of the SP1 at previous audio shows twice in 2018, and then again in 2019 ended up in my Must See Rooms. Along with attaining my personal “best of show” honors at the Florida Audio Expo just this past February.

Initially what caught my attention about the Muraudio SP1 was its glossy white paint, now showing at Axpona 2019 in piano black. Also enticing are the curved ESL point-source panels that sit center stage to four six-inch traditional cone mid-bass drivers in each loudspeaker. To this day, they continue to be the largest and most unique D’Appolito array I’ve ever seen or heard. Starting at $14,700 pr USD in semi-gloss veneers and solid colours.

What is different about this go-round with the Muradio loudspeakers is their show-pairing with just a simple Hegel Integrated Amplifier. The previous outing, being Florida, was with Merrill Audio’s gargantuan ELEMENT 116 monoblock amplifiers, which were just introduced in November of 2018. There at AXPONA 2019, we’re also getting fantastic results with the less complex Hegel Integrated, and then it dawns on me, the Muraudio SP1 presents herself well in all company, she is a woman of all seasons.

by Eric Shook

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