MrSpeakers – CanJam SoCal 2019

MrSpeakers was showing two of their most popular flagship headphones, the Ether 2 and fully-electrostatic VOCE. The new Ether 2 features an all-new motor and driver, a 288 gram overall weight figure, new ear pads, and a new premium cable. Also on display, the AEON Flow closed-back headphones which fall into the more affordable range of bespoke high-end cans.

Founder Dan Clark himself was also showing three new pad options that not only change the fit and comfort of the MrSpeakers headphones, but change the sonic character of them. For myself, I could see myself collecting all of them, as it would then allow me to choose a favorite based on the genre of music I feel like listening to that day.

What made the MrSpeakers displays worth your time, is that you could take your time to listen in a relatively quiet environment compared to the main show exhibition hall. Dubbed “the quiet room” there were several examples of San Diego-made headphones to listen to. Including a litany of amplifiers from nearly all the popular makers on-hand for changing up the listening combination.

During my time in the room, listening to the different headphones and amplifiers that caught my fancy, I found that the MrSpeakers line-up of products really do stand-out as my preferred taste. Are they the best headphones out there? I don’t know. Are they likely my favourites right now? Yes. I’ve been following the rise of the MrSpeakers line for quite some time now, and can only get more excited about what is coming down the road. 

by Eric Franklin Shook

Dan Clark of MrSpeakers and the VOCE headphone