MrSpeakers Goes Prime Time – RMAF 2014

MR speakers prime close up

MrSpeakers is on a roll. His product line has stretched from a single simple modded headphone to a full on 3D printed creation of his own design. While the new “Prime” ($999) still utilizes the same modded Fostex T50RP driver as the rest of the lineup, Dan Clark has really pushed the driver’s capabilities to the limit with his newest model.

Commanding a more premium price point, the new Prime isn’t that unlike the Alpha Dog ($699) from an outside glance. The 3D printed custom designed housing is the same, but from my A/B comparisons it is different dog indeed. More liveliness, more spaciousness, the comparison wasn’t subtle.

Mr. Speakers

Dan has continued to wow me with the Auralic Vega DAC and Cavalli Liquid Glass rig at other shows, but at RMAF’s Canjam he appeared with a slight change to the magical pairing.  This time the Prime was coupled with the VEGA and the new Cavalli Liquid Crimson, and once again the combination was something very special.

Mr. Speakers Side

Dan brings good things to a show. He loves the hobby and knows what good sonics should sound like. It really shines through in the products he produces. Even though the new Dog is only a few days old, I still find myself eager to see what the man will come up with next.

You can check out his full lineup of modded headphones on the Mr. Speakers site.