Mr. Speakers – Capital AudioFest 2014

There are two things that help Dan Clark of Mr. Speakers reach truly remarkable milestones within his craft. The first is his passion. I had the privilege of speaking with Dan at length at this year’s Capital AudioFest. There is a sparkle and enthusiasm to his voice when he presents his products that is indicative of someone who truly has a love, for not only his creations, but the hobby as a whole. He knows that he is on to something special with his current closed-back headphone offerings and the rest of the head-fi community has responded in turn.

The second thing is his ear for gear. Sure, most of the attendees to this year’s Canmania show had a chance to wax poetic with fellow enthusiasts, but over the course of the weekend it became apparent that Dan and I shared the same observations about a great many things, and not just his headphones. All manner of gear that was discussed between the two of us drew a shocking amount of parallel opinions, in other words, the man has really good taste. This acute sense of hearing combined with his engineering prowess accumulates to a headphone line that currently dominates the space it resides in and offers a contagious value that is more rare than it probably should be.

A clear example of his good taste is embodied in one of his choice DAC and amplifier combinations that I am clearly smitten by. I was able to get a second helping of the Cavalli Liquid Glass and The Auralic Vega connected to his 3D printed Alpha Dog and came away with the same conclusion as the Chicago AXPONA meet – one of the best sounds of the show.  You can check out the full line up of Mr. Speakers ‘phones at the link below, or meet up with him in person at your local audio show or head-fi meet, he barely ever misses the major events.


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