Moon by SimAudio Introduces A New Entry-Level Integrated Amplifier

SimAudio recently announced the release of a new entry level integrated amplifier, now ready for public consumption. The Moon 240i puts out 50W per channel into 8 ohms and comes packed with plenty of digital options as well. The rear panel offers 5 total digital inputs (two optical, two coaxial and USB) capable of 32/384kHz and DSD256.

Also included is a moving magnet phono stage and 3 SE line-level inputs, one of which is located on the front panel in the form of a 1/8″ minijack for the likes of mobile phones or DAP players. There is even a 1/4″ headphone jack should the need arise. All in all its quite a decked out proposition for an entry level integrated from an established audiophile company. From the press release:

“Full external control (Control4 driver available), OLED front panel display, amazing user-configurability to customize its features for your specific installation, and a gutsy 50W per channel (MOON watts, which is to say the power rating is subjectively conservative) allow the 240i to drive even inefficient and complex low impedance speaker loads without difficulty. As you would expect, the sound quality is all MOON: organic and detailed, with exceptionally well-controlled and tuneful bass, coupled with a wide and airy soundstage. In a nutshell, music comes alive. Rounding out the package, the MOON 240i is of course manufactured in our own factory in Montreal, Québec, and naturally comes with our renown 10-year warranty.”

The new Moon 240i is now available for shipping with a street cost of $2,100 USD.

3 thoughts on “Moon by SimAudio Introduces A New Entry-Level Integrated Amplifier

  • When did twenty one hundred dollars for a 50wpc amp become ‘entry level’?

    • You’re forgetting that it’s a “gutsy MOON 50W ” ( despite no mention of power output into load(s) to back this-up BUT no-one reading nor writing this stuff has much of a clue about what specs matter & what they mean vs how that will translate in terms of sound quality ) that means you’ll be Moonwalking – Michael Jackson eat your heart out 😉 + dealer margin xxx% + distributor outside of Canada + it’s Made in Canada + couple of hundred bucks for that funky CNC enclosure + look at the badge + your 10 year warranty = $2k1 It all adds-up….

  • 50 Watts really is a conservative number when dealing with Simaudio gear. Their power supplies are usually overbuilt and provide huge current reserves. Will it be perfect for everyone? No, but for most it will be. Let’s also consider Moon DACs and phono pres don’t come cheap. So, conservatively, $600 for the internal DAC, $300 for the phono preamp, and you have a pretty cheap high-end integrated amp section at around $1200.

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