Moon Audio at CanJam – RMAF 2015

Moon Audio-1

by Dan Browdy

As a relative newcomer to the personal audio community, I don’t have the same history that many of you do.  I heard the name Moon Audio a lot when I was new but never really understood what made them so special.  One trip to Canjam was enough to help me understand.  

Started by Drew Baird over ten years ago, Moon Audio provides custom cables and well as headphones, amps and DACs.  As a long-time personal audio enthusiast, he knows what sounds good and what people want.  This is very evident at their booth at RMAF.  It was one of the biggest stalls at the show and it was also one of the most crowded table, both in terms of gear on display and attendees sampling said gear.

620x100 AH NOBLE RMAF V2-01

Just about any flagship headphone you’d want to hear was present, including the brand new ENIGMAcousics Dharma D-1000 and Athena amplifier.  But Drew also brings other desireable headphones, knowing that many of us value the price-to-performance ratio of the less expensive headphones.  The ability to sample many different brands of headphones on many different setups is a huge draw.

Many of the headphones were also sporting Moon Audio’s Dragon line of cables.  Many people will argue the sonic benefits of cables, but nobody can argue that a well-made cable can bring improved aesthetics and build quality.  The Dragon cables are without a doubt some of the most well built cables I’ve ever used and the clean, visual lines are sure to appeal to many.

Also on display was the Dragon Inspire IHA-1 tube amplifier which is distributed by Moon Audio.  This beautiful amp is hand-made to order and it looks it.  The sound is warm and musical and well-suited the Dharma that I heard with it.  It’ll set you back $1,599 but you won’t be thinking about that once you start listening to it.

Drew of course was always on hand to discuss the different products and make recommendations.  It’s that personal touch from a fellow audiophile that makes Moon Audio so well-loved in the community.  It’s abundantly clear that Moon Audio isn’t just another shop that sells electronics.  If you ever get a chance to go to one of these shows, the Moon Audio table is a must see.


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  • Drew has re-cabled some ten (or more?) of my phones… good stuff from a good guy!

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