McIntosh Intros A Bi-Amper’s Amplifier With The MC901 Dual Mono

McIntosh Intros A Bi-Ampers Amplifier With The MC901 Dual Mono.

Its big, its expensive, but it might just be the perfect solution for your bi amping needs. The newest giant block of audio goodness from McIntosh takes a swing at partnering 300 watts of vacuum tube amplification to 600 watts of solid state. The name? MC901 Dual Mono.

Of course this joint effort hinges on the idea that solid stage is better at producing low end tightness, while “tubes rule” for warmer, friendlier mids and highs. If any case, if decide to purchase this amp you might get a chance to finally remove those eye sore brackets from the high/low posts on the back of your speaker.

The two sections are completely different amplifiers, with eight KT88 output, four 12AX7 and two 12AX7A signal tubes doing most of the heavy lifting on their side of things. There is also an internal, adjustable crossover inside the MC901 to help simplify things as well as adjustable gain setting for each.

Street date for the new MC901 Dual Mono Amplifier is projected for December, with a suggested retail price of $17.5k.

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